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We are pleased to welcome you to USWAP.ME
It is one of the fastest growing projects in the Tron network and DeFi world

This section is created for beginner crypto investors. And we did our best to make it easier for you, dear friend, to take your first steps in the world of crypto-investing.

Interface description

Please read this section carefully. Here we have tried to describe almost all the elements of the Uswap interface in an accessible language.


If something seems incomprehensible to you, do not hesitate and refer to the dictionary.


Uswap was created by people and for people. We tried very hard to make every element intuitive.

Main page. Menu items

Main page. Exchange page.

The main page of the site is the TRC20 token exchange page. Let's describe the exchange window in more detail.

Assets page

All currencies that can be exchanged on the USWAP exchange are displayed here.
You can see all your assets in your wallet.

Attention! Assets that you have placed in liquidity and / or staked will not be displayed here

Liquidity page.

Here you can provide liquidity to the selected currency pair

Liquidity page. Adding liquidity.

By adding liquidity, all liquidity providers earn 0.3% of all trades on this pair, in proportion to their share in the pool.
Commissions are added to the pool, accumulated in real time and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity.

Liquidity page. Adding liquidity. Confirming.

The smart contract has calculated how many LP tokens you will receive for a given amount of assets you contribute to liquidity.
If the price changes by more than 0.5%, your transaction will be canceled.

Staking page.

UME and EFT staking. Freezing of your UME tokens is required for staking

Staking page. Staking currency pair card.

The card provides comprehensive information about a specific farming pool.

Staking page. Staking currency pair card. Personal info

Personal information on your assets in the staking pool.