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We are pleased to welcome you to USWAP.ME
It is one of the fastest growing projects in the Tron network and DeFi world

This section is created for beginner crypto investors. And we did our best to make it easier for you, dear friend, to take your first steps in the world of crypto-investing.

Step by step guide



This section is a step-by-step guide to basic uswap services.


If you think that any of the sections needs more detailed description, please contact uswap.me support service.

How to connect a wallet?

  • Click on “Connect to Wallet” on the top left of the navigation bar.

  • Choose “TronLink Wallet”.

  • Enter the password and log into your TronLink chrome account.

  • After the connection is successful, you will see your wallet address and its TRX balance on the top right corner.